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M. Bélanger is proud to take the position of general manager of Humark Auto.

It is our pleasure to announce the arrival of our new partner of Groupe Humark, M. Bradley Bélanger.

With his expertise in the CRM technology and his involvement in many large-scaled project,

M. Bélanger is proud to take the position of general manager of Humark Auto.

In addition, Humark Auto wants to optimise its automobile BDC branch, by integrating a high-end of technology CRM and enable an availability with its client through a telephone and live chat answering service at all time.

M.Bélanger has more than fifteen years experience in sales, representation, and customer services.
He acquired an original expertise of internet marketing and developing sales personnel in the automobile industry.
He also acts as an instructor, a coach, and a consultant along with his customers.

His positive attitude, creativity, practical and durable oriented solutions are what makes him stand out.
His capability of facing all situations and adjusting to different personality allows him to quickly understand stakes levels and satisfy his clients and their employees to meet common objectives.

Innovator and always looking for new technologies trends, he is considered as a pioneer in the field of internet marketing.
He offers integrated web solutions to dealerships in order to exploit new emerging markets. He also knew how to optimize the potential that implementing new practices in a conservative market may offer, which generates a better efficiency and a return on an appreciated investment.

M. Bélanger created and developed many new trends in the market related to the internet and new medias. He was involved in many key positions in the automobiles sector, allowing him to obtain knowledge, unique skills and offer a comprehension with maximal efficiency in this industry.

Once again, we wish to welcome him to our team and we’re looking forward to working in close collaboration.


Sébastien Roy

Président of Humark Telecom